At Gravel Cycles, we believe in gravel, travel and adventure cycling. That’s why we offer custom handmade frames specially designed for these activities, as the result of our experience in multiple cycling fields (MTB, bikepacking, travel, adventure, tandem MTB, commuting…) since 1982.

Every Gravel is designed in Barcelona and handbuilt in Italy by one of the finest framebuilders who still resists the globalization.

At Gravel Cycles, we love the mobile experience on two wheels. Without limits, seeping between soil and tarmac, you’ll discover close and far territories. With a singular cycling philosophy, our desire is focused on nomadism, evasion, travel and adventure as human realities.

Have a good Gravel!

What we offer:
Custom handmade frames in high quality steel (all series of Columbus tubes) and carbon with steel lugs (Le Sportif Carbon model only).
Custom colour.
As option, you can order the custom build of the complete bicycle. For more information, email us.